Thursday, November 13, 2008

Whats Happening Right Now

I am gearing up for some rapidly approaching Christmas concerts here in Oregon.

2 here in Eugene at the Hult Center - on December 13th and 14th.

My Band and I will perform with the Eugene Concert Choir, the South Eugene High School Concert Choir, Young Men's Ensemble & The Classics, Spencer Butte Middle School Choir, and members of the Oregon Mozart Players. For more info and tickets go to

The next concert will be in Roseburg - on December 19th.

In Roseburg we'll perform with the Umpqua Community College Symphony Orchestra & the Umpqua Singers. The concert will be in the Jacoby Auditorium at Umpqua Community College.
For tickets go to

I am also breathing a big sigh of relief after dodging last weeks big bullet.

Thank goodness we can see an end to the self-servative regime.

Here's a poem I wrote, last weekend, in the height of the election madness...

Dirty Politics
The Vulgar Truth

Mud slinging campaigns
for political gains
are slurs from the curs who conceive ’em.
The truth, come to pass,
is your head’s up their ass
as far as you’ll believe ‘em!

Those ads on the tube
prezoom you’re a boob
who’ll fall for these half-baked lies.
The truth, evermore
since eons of yore
crocks of shit will always draw flies.


Petra Fried in the City said...

From one political blogger to one great political satirist, bravo!

...while I'm thinking about it, has Comedy Central or similar thought about a new Smos Bros/Mason Williams show for the times? Lord knows there's plenty of fodder out there.

Anonymous said...

Go Obama!!