Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Homeless Ideas

Until Now!

These ideas have been wandering around without a home for so long they don’t even try to fit in anymore.
They don’t have their hands out, they’ve got their hands up in the air. They give up.

For years they’ve lived on the fringes of opportunity. But everybody has walked right by them, except me. I gave birth to these ideas, so they’re my responsibility.

A lot of them didn’t always have a great start in life. They were jotted down on some cocktail napkin during wild and crazy nights out with friends. Now they’re just unfulfilled promises left for years in drawers and filing cabinets. Deserted, they moldered in maybeville.

These homeless ideas never had a home but, thanks to the Internet, now they’ve got one. My blog is basically an internet flophouse for these homeless ideas. Who knows maybe someday they might even get a job?

At least they’ll find some solace in the company of all of the other homeless ideas out there on the web, after all, misery loves company.

All they’re asking for is a little of your attention, so brother can you spare some time?

Thank you, peace and god bless!

1 comment:

musicisfusion said...

Sure I can. I'm learning 'Classical Gas' by the way. I've been a player for 24 years and have always wanted to study your tune. It's a great contribution to music.