Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Regarding the Tea Party Movement: Cattle Spook

Wall Street and Corporate America have treated the people of America like cattle...
Now they're about to stampede.


MTL said...

Cattle are better than sheep, no?

Ananiah said...

Quite right... Although, I would toss media in there along with politicos and Wall Street, since they are every bit as condescending and derogatory towards those who identify as members of the Tea Party, perhaps worse.

Each day, I am treated to a buffet of slanders from the media that tell me that I am an old ignorant white hick that "chaws terbaccy" in the seat of my '77 Dodge pickup, adorned with Confederate flags and gun racks, on a trip to the Piggly Wiggly with my 47 German Shepherds and my wife, who also happens to be my sister, all the while shouting slogans at passing minorities on my way to cash my social security check. All of this, despite the fact that I'm 28, drive a BMW, live in the suburbs, am not related to my wife except by marriage, and have a masters degree in business from a top-40 university.