Friday, March 5, 2010

Corporate America Announces Partnership With Nature

Back in February of 2004 I wrote a piece satirizing our corporate culture.

Five years later, in August of 2009,

I saw a review of Rebecca Solnit’s book "A Paradise Built in Hell" in the N.Y. Times.

Is this another instance of parallel thinking?

My satire went a bit further than Solnit’s analysis,

applying our mutual observation to its ultimate conclusion;

corporations will eventually embrace this oblique perspective.

Corporate America Announces

Partnership with Nature.

Judging from mankind’s overwhelmingly generous responses to natural disasters, it is obvious that catastrophe brings out the best in mankind: i.e. Hurricane Katrina.

Whereas the Bush Administration was a disaster in leadership,

the people of America pitched in wholeheartedly and came to the rescue.

Since natural disasters bring out the best in all of us we think nature’s on to something

and that’s why we’re philosophically joining together.

Mankind, at its best, needs catastrophes.

Because of the Bush Administration, we have a great future to look forward to.

Mankind will have to be at it’s best, thanks to them, for a long time to come.

Perhaps our recent leadership should be honored instead of vilified

for their contribution to our future disasters.

Therefore, we, the Corporations of America, Wall Street Financiers, and the Banking Industry

now believe that, only if we have a future of ongoing catastrophes,

will mankind be at its best and achieve true nobility.

If Nature can forge disasters and bring out the best in mankind…

so can we.


Ananiah said...

Unfortunately, bad responses to emergencies can no longer be laid exclusively at the door of George W. Bush. Today, during a nuclear arms summit, Obama announced to the world that the response to a nuclear attack on US soil is basically a local issue and it may take many days for the federal government to respond. He said that it is essentially the sole responsibility of localities to deal with nuclear attacks. Perhaps Mr. Obama needs a lesson from the Constitutions, which specifically states that the Federal government has a duty to defend the states from foreign aggressors, whether foreign or domestic. If this guy was a Constitutional "Law Professor" (read: guest lecturer), it doesn't inspire any confidence in the understanding of future law students to be able to argue constitutional issues, much less the ability of the federal government to defend the citizenry.

Artemus said...

The disaster blog stuck in my mind when the oil rig crisis happened. Perhaps some good will follow this event , Not having an inkling of the ramifications that were to unfold...washing pelicans,giving up shrimp,and kissing goodbye to the Gulf Coast visitors is a sad sorry way to pay for gluttony of energy.