Friday, February 19, 2010

We'll B.C. -ing You

I’ve really enjoyed watching the Winter Olympics on TV. So I’ve written a parody for the occasion. I have a lot of Canadian friends, and in fact, my wife is Canadian, so this one is just for them, and especially for her!

It shaped up as a sort of, ersatz invitation promo ad for the world to enjoy this event in their “super, natural” country.

I love the challenge of rhyming unusual names and places and this one was a double corker with double entendre twists! It’s been a pressure!

I suppose it’s a sound track for a video of the things mentioned. I would ever get the chance to participate in creating something for real for the Winter Olympics, so this is a fantasy about being part of them on TV.

The tune my parody is based on is: “I’ll Be Seeing You” (Irving Kahal/Sammy Fain).

Here’s both set’s of lyrics – the original – with my parody lyrics in red.

I'll be seeing you / We’ll B.C.-ing you
In all the old familiar places / In all our cold come-hither places
That this heart of mine embraces / as the Maple Leaf embraces
All day through. / Olympiad

In that small cafe; / The stadium at B.C. Place
The park across the way; / That Richmond Oval Skating space
The children's carousel; / PAC Coliseum
The chestnut trees; / The Cypress Slopes
The wishin' well. / Where you’ll ski ‘em

I'll be seeing you / We’ll be showing you
In every lovely summer's day; / Runs at the Whistler Sliding Center
In every thing that's light and gay. / Where the “Born to Luge” spend winter
I'll always think of you that way. / With the new hot-shot contenders

I'll find you / Even Tho
In the morning sun / We’ve had no snow
And when the night is new. / And had to what with do
I'll be looking at the moon, / If you catch us on the tube
But I'll be seeing you. / Then we’ll B.C.-ing you!

The Olympics will be over soon, so there’s not time or reason to tweak it.

I wrote it all in one day, but Hey! It was a great one; I was part of the Olympics, in spirit at least.

Mason Williams 19 February 2010

PS sorry, no demo but here’s a lead sheet. I had to change the melodic rythms a lot to accommodate the words.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tiger Woods' Cell Phone Fiasco:Telephone Miranda Rights

Perhaps every phone call should be proceeded by a Miranda Rights Warning.

You have the right to remain silent... or keep talking. However, remember anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law or public opinion.

Regarding the Tea Party Movement: Cattle Spook

Wall Street and Corporate America have treated the people of America like cattle...
Now they're about to stampede.