Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oil Junkie Cartoon from 1988

The tragedy of the Gulf Oil Spill reminded me of this political cartoon by Martin Kozlowski that I had saved from over twenty years ago, so I’m passing it along. I think that America needs an oil change! Isn’t it time for an intervention?


Anonymous said...
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Cliff Martin said...

Off topic ...

I have the Warner Bros—Seven Arts Cassette Album "Music" which finishes with "A Gift of Song" vocal/orchestra/choral version. I consider this one of the finest musical recordings I've ever heard, but my tape is barely playable. I cannot find this recording anywhere. Other versions of the "Music" album appear to omit it. Can you tell me why I cannot find this piece anywhere? or how I might obtain a better copy? Has it every been digitized?

I love you music, always have!